Simulations have simplified and accelerated the development of technology. They represent a new method for scientists, for which the high-performance computing environment has become a kind of digital laboratory. In view of this development, high expectations have rightly been placed on high-performance computing. Policymakers are also involved in these changes if forecasts such as climate change or the potential risks of new technologies are based on simulations.

These changes and their implications are investigated in a research group. A decisive factor is the location of the project at the HLRS. In contrast to many of the studies carried out so far, it opens the opportunity to gain direct insights into the practice of simulation – and thus providing feedback on its design.

The six research lines within the Transformation Society – Transforming Simulation project are dedicated to this topic.

Head of the research group: Andreas Kaminski

  1. Possibilities and Limitations of Simulation (Juan M. Durán)
  2. The Normativity of Simulations (Juan M. Durán)
  3. Visualization and Evaluation (Michael Herrmann)
  4. Simulations as a Basis for Political Decisions (Hildrun Lampe)
  5. Changes in the Working World through Simulation (Alena Wackerbarth)
  6. Changes in Science through Simulation (Nico Formanek)

The research project is founded by: