Michael Herrmann

Ph.D. Candidate
Project 3: Visualization and evaluation: Visualization of computer simulations

Epistemic opacity, relative to a cognitive agent, means that it is impossible for that cognitive agent to know all the epistemically relevant elements of a computational process. This means that we cannot justify every step in the process. In this regard epistemic opacity reflects both the limitations of the simulation method and of the human agent. The aim is to identify possible sources of this opacity in computer simulations and in which way one can still justify knowledge via computer simulations.

Scientific Interests
  • Epistemology of Computer Simulations
  • Scientific methodology in Computer Simulations
  • Philosophy of Mathematics
Recent Publications
  • Christian Bischof, Nico Formanek, Petra Gehring, Michael Herrmann, Christoph Hubig, Andreas Kaminski und Felix Wolf (Hg.): Computersimulationen verstehen. Ein Toolkit für interdisziplinär Forschende aus den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften. Darmstadt, S. 35–102.
Recent Talks
  • “Was ist eine numerische Lösung?”, SAS Workshop November 2017