Nico Formanek

Ph.D. Candidate
Project 5: Transformation of science by computer simulation

In my thesis I am researching the connections between Quantum Chromodynamics and LatticeQCD. I am interested in questions concerning the epistemic priority of LatticeQCD, which – while being a derived theory – supplies most of our knowledge of the strong interaction. I also try to answer if the lattice requires a different ontology than regular QCD. This point becomes pressing if we consider LatticeQCD as a fundamental physical theory in its own right. So another part of my research is finding an adequate definition of fundamentality which incorporates both epistemological and ontological aspects.


Scientific Interests
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Physics
Recent Publications
  • Demarcating Simulation, to appear in Philosophy of Engineering and Technology, Springer 2017.
  • Computersimulationen verstehen. Ein Toolkit für interdisziplinär Forschende aus den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften, 2017, Tuprint, urn:nbn:de:tuda-tuprints-60793
Recent Talks
  • DPG Frühjahrstagung 2017, The automated discovery of physical laws/Machine learning and realism, with Ryan Reece.
  • fPET 2016, Does Computer Simulation need a new epistemology?
  • MECS Summer School 2016, The transformation of physics by computer simulation
  • Philosophy of Computer Science (with Juan M. Durán)