Nico Formanek

Department head

Project Trust in computer intensive methods

Project Using Algorithms to trust

Scientific interests
  • Philosophy of science/philosophy of technology
    • Intertheoretical relations in physical theories (reduction, derivation, founding, modularity etc.)
    • Computer simulatable physical theories (e.g. LatticeQCD)
    • Computational reliabilism
    • Constructing artifacts as pragmatic justification of scientific theories
  • Limits of statistical inference/learning
    • Machine Learning & the problem of induction
    • Kolmogorov complexity as general framework for ML
    • theoretical vs. practical limits (e.g. no free lunch theorems vs. GFLOPs)
  • Science and society
    • Why trust science?
    • Why trust society?
Recent publications
Recent talks
  • Trading trust for work (Spring Workshop with C. Thi Nguyen, HLRS, April 4th, 23)
  • Fakt, Fiktion, Simulation. (Kolloquium Fiktion und Simulation, HLRS, Dec 14th, 22)
  • Philosophical aspects of latticeQCD. (MPIWG Berlin – Dec 5th, 22)
  • Why latticeQCD is philosophically interesting. (Phil Sci mini workshop – Uni Wuppertal Oct 22)
  • Trust environments in Machine Learning. (DPS talk – TU Delft October 22nd)
  • Seminar The limits of computing (Uni Stuttgart summer term 23) C@mpus
  • Seminar Computerethik (Uni Stuttgart  winter term 22/23) C@mpus ILIAS