Philosophy at the HLRS

Computer simulation is changing science, technology, politics and society – in a way that is probably fundamental, but so far only vaguely understood. The Department of Philosophy of Science and Technology of Computer Simulation is dedicated to researching this change; striving to promote public understanding of simulation methods and the evaluation of its results.

The outstanding feature is that the department is a part of the HLRS. We work side by side with simulation scientists; collaborating in research proposals, publications, events and teaching. It enables us to follow methodical steps in practice in detail. This results in an emphasis that the department places on research: While the philosophy of simulation is usually the science philosophy of simulation, the philosophy of technology plays a greater role.

The department intensifies the exchange of information

philovenndiagrams_elr_v2_20171128-05-01within philosophy and sociology: with guests and fellows at the HLRS such as Claus Beisbart, Petra Gehring, Gabriele Gramelsberger, Christoph Hubig, Johannes Lenhard, Nicole J. Saam, Eric Winsberg, and many others

philovenndiagrams_elr_v2_20171128-05-04between philosophy, sociology and simulation science: in workshop series like Science & Art of Simulation (SAS) and sociology of simulation

philovenndiagrams_elr_v2_20171128-05-02 between simulation science and general public: In the form of lecture series like Thoughts of Information, HPhilC and the biennial Summer School On Methods in Computer Simulation