June 6th – Talk & Discussion with Momin M. Malik: A Hierarchy of Limitations in Machine Learning

The Data Scientist Momin M. Malik (AI Ethics at the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Digital Health, USA) will join us virtually at HLRS on thursday June 6th 3:00 pm (CET) to present his major individual work A Hierarchy of Limitations in Machine Learning (see pre-read below) and will discuss with us chapter 4 Assessing model performance, in particular the section 4.3 Dependencies.

Next to his short presentation we will discuss mainly the section indicated. So for a better preparation, a pre-read is strongly encouraged. You can find his paper here.

We will broadcoast the seminar session online. If you cannot join in person
you can use the following webex link  to participate virtually:


PW: 2EUjW8jrJX9