SAS23 Reliability or Trustworthiness – schedule

The conference will take place at HLRS Stuttgart in the Rühle Saal. Please see here for directions.

Time is 30 minutes per presentation slot. Presenters decide on the split between talk and Q&A (20/10 suggested).

November 30thDecember 1st
9:00Reception and CoffeeReception and Coffee
9:30Keynote by Carlos ZednikSimulations and Trust (Chair Nico)
10:30Coffee breakCoffee break
10:45Reliability and Trust (Chair Michael)How is trust in AI possible? (Chair Sebastian)
11:45Coffee breakCoffee break
12:00Which concept of trust for AI? (Chair Sebastian)Case studies 3 (Chair Daniel)
13:00Lunch break (catered)Lunch break (catered)
14:00Case studies 1 (Chair Saeedeh)14:15 Epistemic aspects of trust in AI (Chair Michael)
15:00Coffee break15:15 Coffee break
15:15Case studies 2/The politics of trust (Chair Daniel)15:30 Normative aspects of trust in AI (Chair Saeedeh)
16:15Coffee break16:30 End
16:30Guided Tour Cave and HAWK (optional)
18:00Uni Thekle (social event – optional)

Session NameTalkPresenters
KeynoteExplanation, Justification, and ResponsibilityCarlos Zednik
Simulations and Trust
Trust for multi-x simulation through documentation from a philosophy of science perspectiveSibylle Hermann
Model Trustworthiness and Modeler Responsibility in Economic
Agent-Based Modeling practices: a Meta-Analytical approach
M. Rusconi, D. Secchi, R. Seri
Which concept of trust for AI?
Caveat Usor: Trust and Epistemic Vigilance Towards Artificial IntelligenceRico Hauswald
Hybrid Trust: Making Sense of Trustworthy AIDonatella Donati – canceled
Normative aspects of trust in AI
Is the trust problem with AI actually the so-called “Problem-of-Many-Hands”?Dorothea Winter – cancelled
Exploring the Role of Mood in Trusting AIKefu Zhu
A Precondition of TrustChangyo Kang
Reliability and Trust
Reliability in Context: Challenges in Operationalizing and Weighing a Central ValueJörn Wiengarn
Reliability Without Trustworthiness: A Philosophical Exploration of AIAbouzar Moradian Tehrani – no show
Case studies
1The subtle impacts of software on trustAlexandre Hocquet, Frédéric Wieber
Trust and awareness in the context of search and rescue missionsMartina Philippi
2Case study on epistemic metadata in molecular modellingMartin Thomas Horsch, Silvia Chiacchiera, and Björn Schembera
Are algorithms necessarily biased? The case of causal search algorithmsTobias Henschen – canceled
3Bot of Contention. ChatGPT, Success, and TrustworthinessMatthias Brandl, Johannes Lenhard, Katharina
Trust and reliance in the cognitive institutions of cryptocurrencyEnrico Petracca, Shaun Gallagher
Epistemic aspects of trust in AI
Establishing Reliability While Embracing Unexplainability: Moving beyond explainability as a criterion for ML models to produce reliable and justified knowledge.Kaush Kalidindi
Should we allocate epistemic trust to AI?Ramón Alvarado – canceled
Dual Virtues for AIJakob Ohlhorst
How is trust in AI possible?
The Necessity and Possibility of Trustworthy AIHagen Braun, Lukas Albrecht
The politics of trust
Dual-use of AI-generated content – A question of trustworthiness?Martin Hähnel – canceled
Facing AI: The Epistemological and Political Dimension of TrustLei Niu